Thursday, January 7, 2010


WE PAID OFF OUR MINIVAN!! We did it in about 2.5 years YEA!!

What a great way to start a new year!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Are you ready for summer!!! So here is to those frugal challenges that people are getting good deals at the grocery stores. I don't have time to sit and cut coupons, I'm sure if I knew where to look it would be worthwhile, BUT my sister and I hit the PX on post and came upon some lunch deals.

8 Super Soakers
4 Beach Balls
15 goggles
4 Sonic Search diving toys
2 blowup Play Centers with sprinklers for toddlers
1 Pirate pop up tent
4 Kickboards
3 sets of 10 solar yard lights
1 pkg of floss
2 doodle drawing boards
1 Clickstart game
We got all this and 2 more sets of lights, 4 more beach balls, and a teddy bear welcome sign for my flower bed. The grand total.........541.72

We paid... 151.86 for a total savings of 389.86

We were so excited!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Another Sunday down! Fortunately we have church at 11:00 and I plan to leave at 10:30 which gives us 20 minutes to get to church and 10 min. of what ever 'emergencies' creep up. David goes to mtgs on Sunday mornings so I get the kids ready alone. So I usually get frustrated getting kids dressed and a snack before heading out the door to church.... yes I end up yelling at them which doesn't make my day any better.

Today on the way to church I was asked if I could swing by someone's house and they could follow me. Sure! So this morning when I stop they tell me about their Friday night and why they aren't coming to church. WOW!! I don't blame them for not coming, can't tell you why but trust me it was okay. That was the start of my refocus to stop stressing about the small stuff with my kids.

At church today I chatted with someone who has a hard life and doesn't make the best of decisions. Another refocus on what is important to life and we (not always) bring on our own trials. *** I would stop getting headaches if I stopped yelling at my kids** :) j/k a little bit...

After church I ask someone else a question that pertains to her life and she started to look stressed, then proceeded to tell me about what medically has been going on in her life. She found out she's allergic to milk and it has caused a lot of other issues that she didn't know the cause behind. Wow, milk! I'm counting my blessings to not have major allergies like that.

So after my day it put getting my kids dressed for church not such a big deal. I'm grateful for my 'boring' life. I know it won't always be that way. We've been very blessed!

Oh, one more, the lesson in Relief Society was about the Atonement from the May 09 Ensign. That is always a refocus point in my life.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Box Movies

I was a big fan when first introduced to Red Box movies. I'm not as big a fan anymore. We rented a movie in August that I know I returned and randomly in Sept was charged 25.98. WHAT!!! I contacted their customer service asking about the charge. They told me what movie I 'didn't return'. I have no proof. They charged me the 1.08 the next day when I returned the movie so I thought everything was okay. After I return a movie and the charge clears I delete all emails relating to the movie. It really frustrates me that there is nothing I can really do about it. I have emailed them several times and they don't show it returned so I'm out the money!

I don't think I will be renting from Red Box anymore I have started going back to the library for my cheap movies, FREE! (that is unless I return them late)

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can't get rid of the blue background!! I changed the settings, it shows green, but my background is still blue. Any help!!


In the hustle and bustle of life I didn't connect that Friday was 9/11 until I took Lance and we went to run some errands. I had the radio on and a song came on. I don't know what it was called I don't think I had heard it before but a post 9/11 song. You know what I mean.... Lance asked me, "What are they singing about."

1) Anyone who does not believe music effects you... YA RIGHT! Hello, my 3 year old is listening!
2)For those of that don't know Lance, he continually amazes me with what comes out of his mouth. He asks a lot of questions others don't ask so we give him lots of explanations that others typically wouldn't give.

So I think for a minute how to start and begin to tell him about 2 tall buildings, and 2 bad men that took over 2 airplanes and crashed them into the buildings. I remember very well where I was that day. I remember that one day better and more of it than a lot of other days in my life. For the next couple years as I'm sure many of you agree the feelings start to fade. I didn't cry when I thought about it 3-4 years later as I did when it happened. I wasn't as shocked about the magnitude of everything. Just as I started to tell Lance that the planes hit the buildings and that lots of people died I became so choked up. I started to cry a little. I had to pause to get the words out. For some reason those emotions all came back. Maybe because I almost missed what the date was! It the same as older generations who remember Pearl Harbor or any number of other tragedies. Lance listened very intently, asked why I was crying and wanted to know some more. At this point I'm sitting in the parking lot of Target trying to dry my eyes so we can so inside and shop.

We never truly understand why things happen, but it's comforting to believe and know that there is a greater purpose to life and He understands it ALL.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

TTTS Syndrome - spreading awareness

If you know anyone pregnant with twins find out if they are fraternal, or identical, and if they have 2 placentas.

I am part of a group of Mothers of Multiples here in Amarillo and this evening we had someone come talk to us about Twin-to-Twin Transfusion. Even after having twins, I had never heard of this. The very very short of it, is when all the blood is going to one baby. It can only happen in identical twins with one placenta. It is rare, but if you don't know about it both babies can die. The only way a mother can know is uncommon fast growth even for having multiples. Doctors can see it in ultrasounds, but they have to know what it is. The lady who spoke with us this evening is trying to raise awareness. I was shocked, having never heard of it. Being a mother of twins I also wanted to help spread the awareness. So, as said before: If you know anyone pregnant with twins find out if they are fraternal, or identical, and if they have 2 placentas. If there is only one placenta they are a high risk pregnancy and need to be seen by a high risk doctor!